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1.Is previous cheer experience required to try-out?

No, there is no cheer experience required.


2.Is the ability to tumble required?

No, tumbling is not required but looked upon as an asset. Some of the cheerleaders on the squad have chosen to take private tumbling lessons to learn, maintain or improve skills.


3.If an athlete makes the squad are they guaranteed a spot throughout their high school years?

No, try-outs are held every year and everyone has to attend clinic and try-out in the spring.



4.How long is the Granada High School cheer season?

The Granada High School Cheer Team begins practice during the summer and runs through the end of February. It is essentially a nine month sport beginning with pre-season conditioning, continuing with the fall football season, and concluding with the winter basketball season.


5.Does a cheer athlete need to commit to both the football and the basketball season?

Yes, it is required to commit to both seasons to maintain the continuity of the team. It also ensures we have the required number of cheerleaders to continue halftime performances and maintain enough structure to stunt safely. Two seasons are also required to be eligible for awards.


6.When are try-outs for the Granada High School Cheer Team?

a.Cheer Clinic Instructional Mon-Wed, April 7-9, 3:30-5:30 in the Granada High School small gym. This is when the athlete learns a routine and any other expectations needed for the judged try-outs. Clinic is required.


b.Judged try-outs are on Thursday, April 10 from 3:30-5:30.


7.Who is eligible and what are the requirements for try-outs?

Try-out opportunities are available to current 8th grade-11th grade students who will be attending Granada High School for the 2014-2015 school year. Students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above to qualify to try-out and remain on the team.



8.What is the attire for clinic and try-outs?

Black shorts, plain white t-shirt, sneakers or cheer shoes, no jewelry, hair in a pony tail with a white bow. Bring water bottles.


9.Do I need to do anything prior to try-outs?

A completed sports physical form is required to participate in try-outs.

For more information and to download the required form, go to (click on cheerleaders)


10.Can parents stay and watch clinic and try-outs?

No, the clinic and try-outs are for the cheerleaders and coaches only.


11.When will students be notified of try-out results?

More information will be given to students at try-outs.


12.Will there be an informational meeting for parents and students who have made the team?

Yes, an informational parent meeting is tentatively scheduled for Monday, April 14 at 5:30PM. More information will be given once the student has been offered a position on the team.


13.What is the practice schedule for the 2014-2015 school year?

Practice schedules will be given once the team has been finalized. Typically, athletes practice most weeks of the summer and at least twice per week during the school year. An additional nighttime rehearsal practice will be required prior to school rallies.


14.What are the attendance requirements for practice?

Full participation is expected from all athletes; however, specific attendance requirements will be discussed once the team has been finalized.


15.What are the expenses for participation?

a.New cheerleaders will need to purchase a full uniform in addition to other required fees for participation including but not limited to transportation, summer cheer camp, and other misc. expenses.


b.The costs for new cheerleaders are estimated at $1,400 for the year.


c.Returning cheerleaders will not need to purchase a new uniform with the exception of shoes, socks, bows and pom poms. The costs for returning cheerleaders are estimated at $800 for the year.


d.A specific breakdown of expenses will be given at the Parent Information Meeting.


16.Are there opportunities for fundraising?

Yes, there are many opportunities for fundraising. Both athletes and their parents will be responsible for fundraising involvement.


17.What kind of support is needed from parents?

Parents play an important role in supporting their student and the Granada High School Cheer Team. Parents may be asked to drive students to games and events. Additionally, parents may be asked to host team bonding events, participate in fundraising, and volunteer to assist in the team banquet and/or other events.


18.What are the dates and location for the 4-day summer camp? Are all cheerleaders required to attend the summer camp and what is the cost?

Summer camp is scheduled for July 11-14 in Santa Cruz. This is an overnight camp and the cost is $400 per athlete. This fee is included in the expected expenses for the 2014-2015 school year. Cheerleaders are not required to attend the summer camp; however, it is highly recommended.


19.Is the Granada High School Cheer Team a competitive squad?

No, the GHS Cheer Team is not competitive. The GHS Cheer Team’s primary goal is to support the football and basketball teams, perform at pep rallies as well as other LVJUSD events. While this is not a competitive squad, athletes will learn choreography, stunt and pyramid work, and tumbling pass combinations.


20.What are the team levels for the Granada High School Cheer Team?

There is a Junior Varsity team (JV) and a Varsity team. Typically, freshman and sophomore students participate on the JV team and junior and senior students participate on the Varsity team. A student is awarded their Varsity letter once they have completed a full cheer season on the Varsity team and are in good academic standing. It is undetermined whether a separate freshman team will be created for the 2014-2015 school year. Final placement of athletes will be determined following try-outs.


21.Where do I direct questions prior to clinic and try-outs?

a.For more information and to print out forms go to (click on cheerleaders)


c.Clark Conover, Athletic Director (925)606-4800 ext. 3636


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