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To contact a teacher you can send them an email or call (925) 606-4800 and ask to be transferred to their voicemail. While not required, most teachers have a website. To access their website click on the teacher's name.

Name/Website Department Email
Alamoodi, Amina Resource Teacher/Department Chair [email protected]
Arora, Puja English Teacher [email protected]
Aubel, Doreen Health/Science Teacher [email protected]
Avilla, JD Math Teacher [email protected]
Avilla, Nicole Math Teacher [email protected]
Bailey, Alexis Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Bailey, Deborah Digital Photography Teacher [email protected]
Bergmann, Heather Math Teacher [email protected]
Bertoli, Laura SDC Teacher [email protected]
Booe, Chrissy SDC Teacher [email protected]
Brickwedel, Monica Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Bruan, Michael English Teacher [email protected]
Cable, Gwynne Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Codelli, Erika Social Science/Leadership Teacher [email protected]
Connolly, Maggie Science Teacher [email protected]
Connors, Kim ROP Sports Medicine/Athletic Trainer Teacher [email protected]
Conover, Clark Athletic Director [email protected]
Cortez, Rich Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Cox, Nica SDC Teacher [email protected]
Csider, Barbara American Sign Language Teacher [email protected]
Cyr, Lejla Math Teacher [email protected]
Danner, Don Industrial Technology Teacher/Department Chair [email protected]
del Rosario, Dan Math Teacher [email protected]
Dillard, Frances PE Teacher/Dept. Chair/Assistant Athletic Director [email protected]
Dourov, Cindy Math Teacher [email protected]
Drief, Kelly Spanish Teacher/Department Chair [email protected]
Erceg, Laurie ROP Medical Occupations Teacher [email protected]
Feliciano, Jerry Math Teacher [email protected]
Fletcher, Tom Social Science Teacher/Department Chair [email protected]
Foster, David Science Teacher [email protected]
Freitas, Tim SDC Teacher [email protected]
Gatehouse, Tiffany English Teacher [email protected]
Giusti, Robert Science Teacher [email protected]
Gomes, Gregory Physical Education/Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Gracia, Martha Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Graham, Tom Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Grass, Terri Science Teacher [email protected]
Grobmeier, Maria Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Haberman, Lauren Resource Teacher [email protected]
Hahn, Bryan Math Teacher/Department Chair [email protected]
Hart, Matthew English Teacher/Department Chair [email protected]
Hazelhofer, Greg Resource Teacher [email protected]
Hetu, Rosalina Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Hwang, Rebecca Math Teacher [email protected]
Jones, Tom Music Teacher [email protected]
Jost, Lisa English Teacher/Journalism Advisor [email protected]
Jurik, Sheila Science Teacher [email protected]
Kinnard, Carol Technology Teacher [email protected]
Lopez, Elizabeth Science Teacher [email protected]
Lum, Denise SDC Teacher [email protected]
Mabry, Megan French Teacher [email protected]
Mancuso, Maureen English Teacher [email protected]
Marine, Aaron English Teacher [email protected]
Mariotti, Bob Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Martin, Larry Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Matheson, Peter English Teacher [email protected]
Mattern, Noel Social Science Teacher [email protected]
McCombs, Don Social Science Teacher [email protected]
McGowan, Sherry English Teacher [email protected]
Miller, Michelle Science Teacher [email protected]
Moore, David Math Teacher [email protected]
Morisoli, Brad Adapted Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Munoz, Madalyn English Teacher [email protected]
Nebo, Valerie English Teacher [email protected]
Nelson, Debbie ROP Marketing/Business Ownership Teacher [email protected]
Newkirk, Sommer Social Science/Leadership Teacher [email protected]
Nonn, Jill Math Teacher [email protected]
Peterson, David Science Teacher [email protected]
Pickering-Walters, Keith Video Productions/Studio Broadcast Teacher [email protected]
Rankin, Tim Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Rasor, William Science Teacher [email protected]
Reisdorf, Lynette Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Robles, Matt Math Teacher [email protected]
Rosa, Patricia Science Teacher/Department Chair [email protected]
Russell, Dianne Foods Teacher [email protected]
Salazar, Sarah SDC Teacher [email protected]
Scanlon, Dawn ROP Developmental Psychology of Children Teacher [email protected]
Shefler, Tom Math/Science Teacher [email protected]
Silva, Tim Physical Education/Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Slavec, Andrew Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Swartz, Olga Resource Teacher [email protected]
Tabel, Pam Ceramics Teacher [email protected]
Tam, Stephanie SDC Teacher [email protected]
Tate, Frankie Science Teacher [email protected]
Templeman, Toni-Ann Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Thournir, Laura Art Teacher/Department Chair [email protected]
Ventura, Maria Elena Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Vieira, Tricia Math Teacher [email protected]
Watson, Elizabeth English Teacher [email protected]
Watson, Randy Music Teacher [email protected]
Watts, Jefrey English/Drama Teacher [email protected]
Willis, Corrigan Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Wolfe, Cathy Culinary Arts/Interior Design/Fashion Design Teacher [email protected]
Young, Pete Math Teacher [email protected]
Zack, Jenna Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Zymajtis, Joan English Teacher [email protected]