Granada High School

Teacher Directory

To contact a teacher you can send them an email or call (925) 606-4800 and ask to be transferred to their voicemail. While not required, most teachers have a website. To access their website click on the teacher's name.

Name/Website Department Email
Alfaro, Robert Music
Alvarez, Cristina Science Teacher
Arora, Puja English Teacher
Aubel, Doreen Health/Science Teacher
Avilla, Julian Math Teacher/Department Chair
Avilla, Nicole Math Teacher
Baez, Miguel Career Technical Education Teacher
Bailey, Alexis Social Science Teacher
Bailey, Deborah Digital Photography Teacher/Professional Development Coordinator
Boehrer, Haley Social Science Teacher
Bondourova, Abby SDC Teacher
Booe, Chrissy SDC Teacher/Department Chair
Brickwedel, Monica Social Science Teacher
Britt, Michael Music Teacher
Brown, Laura SDC Teacher
Buckley, Christine ROP Medical Occupations
Bynum, Michael English Teacher
Cariveau, Jon IB
Casavant, Tom Science Teacher
Cleveland, Amanda Science Teacher
Clifton, Matthew Math Teacher
Codelli, Erika Social Science/Leadership Teacher
Cole, Samantha English Teacher
Connolly, Maggie Science Teacher
Connors, Kim ROP Sports Medicine/Athletic Trainer Teacher
Conover, Clark Athletic Director
Cortez, Rich Physical Education/Social Science Teacher
Csider, Barbara American Sign Language Teacher/Department Chair
Danner, Don CTE Teacher/Department Chair
Dayton, Jill Social Studies Teacher
Dillard, Frances Physical Education Teacher
DiNino, Kaelalyn Physical Science Teacher
Doherty, Katylin Physical Education Teacher
Dourov, Cindy Math Teacher/Interact Advisor
Drief, Kelly Spanish Teacher
Dutchover, Amy Math Teacher
Dye, Danny Resource Teacher
Ellis do Amaral, Busi Culinary Arts Teacher
Gasquy, Michel French Teacher
Gatehouse, Tiffany English Teacher
Gomes, Gregory Physical Education/Social Science Teacher
Gracia, Martha Spanish Teacher
Graham, Tom Physical Education Teacher
Grass, Terri Science Teacher
Greenlee, Eileen Math Teacher
Greer, Melissa Science Teacher
Grobmeier, Maria Spanish Teacher
Haberman, Lauren English/Drama/IB Theatre Art Teacher
Hahn, Bryan Math Teacher
Hauselt, Amie Social Science Teacher
Haxhimali, Alma Math Teacher
Head, Bryce Math Teacher
Hughes, Pamela Math Teacher
Hwang, Rebecca Math Teacher
Jefferies, Hayley Math Teacher
Jones, Tom Music Teacher
Jost, Lisa English Teacher/Journalism Advisor
LaRocca, Heather Math Teacher
Lillie, Jane French Teacher
Lopez, Elizabeth Science Teacher
Lowenstein, Melissa Resource Teacher
Mancuso, Maureen English Teacher
Marine, Aaron English Teacher
Mariotti, Robert AP Government Teacher/Mock Trial Coach
Martin, Larry Social Science Teacher
Mattern, Jeremy English Teacher
Mattern, Noel Social Science Teacher
McCafferty, Michael Social Science Teacher
McCombs, Don Social Science Teacher
McGowan, Sherry Teacher Librarian/IB Extended Essay Coordinator
Meier, Dean Math Teacher
Meier, Dean Math Teacher
Miller, Kevin SDC Teacher
Miller, Michelle Science Teacher
Moore, David Math Teacher/Assistant Athletic Director
Mukkarra, Chandra Science Teacher
Munoz, Madalyn English Teacher
Musick, Danielle English Teacher
Nelson, Debbie ROP Marketing/Business Ownership Teacher
Newkirk, Sommer Social Science Teacher
Noble, Alyson English/ELD Teacher
Norberg, Paul Spanish Teacher
Ostien, Erin Resource Teacher
Pang, Jaclyn Social Science Teacher
Pavon, Dawn ROP Developmental Psychology of Children Teacher
Peterson, David Science Teacher
Pickering-Walters, Keith Video Productions/Studio Broadcast Teacher
Rankin, Tim Social Science Teacher
Raschid, Erich Resource Teacher
Rasor, William Science Teacher/Department Chair
Richardson, Kimberly Physical Education Teacher
Robles, Matt Math Teacher
Rosa, Patricia Science Teacher
Salazar, Sarah SDC Teacher
Shefler, Tom Career Technical Education/Science Teacher
Silva, Tim Physical Education/Social Science Teacher
Sira-Graham, Carlee Ceramics Teacher
Storey, Ashley Language Teacher
Storti, Natasha Social Science/Leadership Teacher
Taggart, Robin English Teacher
Thayer, John Math Teacher
Thournir, Laura Art Teacher
Ventura, Maria Elena Spanish Teacher
Watson, Elizabeth English Teacher
Watts, Jefrey English/Drama Teacher
Willis, Corrigan Physical Education Teacher/Department Chair
Willis, Kenon Career Technical Education/Math Teacher
Wilson, Betsy Resource Teacher
Woodsmall, Brenda SDC Teacher
Zymajtis, Joan English Teacher